Today I Learned…

2024-06-25. You can make Less (the pager program) behave a bit more like programs that use GNU Readline do by creating a ~/.config/lesskey file with these contents:

^A home
^E end
^F right
^B left
^P up
^N down
^D delete
^W word-backspace
\ed word-delete
\ef word-right

2023-01-24. You can get dates and times formatted nicely in Firefox’s Library window (Control+Shift+O) by setting these preferences in about:config or user.js:

  • intl.date_time.pattern_override.date_short to yyyy-MM-dd
  • intl.date_time.pattern_override.time_short to HH:mm
  • intl.date_time.pattern_override.connector_short to {1} {0}

Setting the LC_TIME environment variable to en_DK.UTF-8 does not work.

2022-02-08. You can type -i while in Less (the pager program) to toggle whether searches are case sensitive. I literally mean typing -i into Less, not passing a command-line option.