Primal UI

Primal UI is a highly functional user interface for the World of Warcraft MMOG1 that is optimized for competitive PvP2 and achieves a consistent, minimal, and clean look without omitting possibly useful information.

It comprises a collection of original Lua addons as well as configuration for existing addons3 and includes interface elements that are missing from Blizzard’s default UI4 and are typically added with poor visual integration by addons like Gladius.

The UI makes one major trade-off: to be optimal for one class and specialization (Feral Druid), I largely ignored usability for playing other classes.

  1. Unfortunately, it is no longer compatible with the latest version of World of Warcraft. 

  2. I finished PvP season 16 in the top 0.5% of the 3v3 ladder using it. 

  3. Primarily TellMeWhen and WeakAuras, but also Tidy Plates, SexyMap, a fork of OmniCC, OmniBar, and others. 

  4. DRs, enemy cooldowns, visually offset CC (and other important) auras for party members and arena opponents, …