MouselookHandler is an interface addon for the World of Warcraft MMOG that adapts the game controls to enable using mouselook without the RSI-inducing requirement of perpetually pressing a mouse button. This makes the controls resemble those of most action games.

The addon is available on Curse and the repository can be found on GitHub.


Registered just to thank you for making this addon. No more hand pain due to holding that right mouse button down all the time. I really like the override bindings feature.

This addon rocks! Mouselook is so much more comfortable than holding right click. Thank you!

This is a great addon, thanks!

Amazing addon, I can’t play without it. The “hold ALT” lua worked wonders too.

Man, you are my hero!

Brilliant addon!

I have used your add-on (which is amazing) to create a very intuitive Steam Controller WoW setup.

this addon is really good. thank you for your hard work! I hope I can see this add on again in Legion this year.. I can’t play wow without this addon_ForgeUser23105614

Me love you long time!

First off, thanks for a truly great mod and for the quick updates. I’ve lost some use in one of my hands due to injury, and this mod has been immensely helpful in aiding me to get back into this game again.

had to recover my password for this… :D
anyway, this is literally the best addon for wow ever… i love it, works like a charm… takes little getting used to… and also to anyone, make sure you keybind toggle so you can easy unlock you camera to click things… thank you very much for making this…!!!

This addon is simply awesome, allows for a much more enjoyable play style.

Great mod! I’ve been looking for something like this forever.

This is freaking awesome. The big feature that I wanted from GW2.

Dude this addon is slicker than a greased up pig in a field of eels.

TY very much for the great addon

STILL WORKING IN BFA! Thanks So Much! WAAOO heewee go Xbox One Controller! xD

I’d have to quit playing WoW without this addon because it saves my hand from cramping up.